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Sewer Drain Services in Brooklyn, NY

Does it feel like you always have to perform some form of sewer drain cleaning? Econo-Sewer and Drain Cleaning wants to be certain our sewer drain services in Brooklyn, NY, as well as Queens and Staten Island clients, don't waste time and money making mistakes. You see, over time, the internal diameter of your sewer slowly decreases as things build up until the pipe is clogged by grease, roots, or other material. Many plumbers perform regular snaking to bore a small hole in the bottom of a clogged, but this is typically only a temporary solution.

Only by using our high-pressure sewer jetting can you completely rehabilitate a severely clogged or root-invested sewer line. We combine this low water volume jetting with other modern equipment, like color video mapping, to ensure that the job is done efficiently and correctly. We get your sewer lines working like they were just built yesterday, whether it's a chronic concern or just a clogged drain, so contact us today.

Professional Sewer Drain Services in Brooklyn, NY

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Plumbing problems are too often the invisible enemy when it comes to property management, but we have all the gear you need to ensure that it won't be a persistent problem. Whether you are having problems with a current property, or want to check the plumbing before you buy a new one, let us perform a diagnostic on your sewer system with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Our sewer drain services professionals can easily pinpoint the location of your problem, whether using our full color, large screen, digital level view inspection equipment, or even just following our noses when it comes to identifying and fixing local sewer odors. Our equipment allows us to painlessly locate sewer blockages, root intrusions, or broken lines, and we digitally record our sewer camera inspection process, so we can send it to you over email or show it to you on YouTube™.